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The Rooms
A few years ago, I was able to realise my dream of running a Bed & Breakfast by purchasing a house located at Bertrix, near Bouillon and Libramont in the Belgian Ardennes.

With a lot of enthusiasm and dedication, I have transformed this house of the '70s into the Bed & Breakfast it is today, offering nicely decorated guest rooms. As soon as you step through the front door, you will appreciate the spaciousness and quiteness it offers. The big garden offers ample of opportunity to take a well deserved break.

I'm already looking forward to share my dream with you and to welcome you at my "Chambres d'hôtes,
"A L'inattendue".

Christiane Toussaint

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Rue Al Paul, 15
6880 - Bertrix
Province du Luxembourg

Tel: +32 494 78 46 35
email: inattendue@gmx.com


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